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    So, as you may be aware, I have more-or-less finished writing my first book, a future alternate history.

    Long story short, I have been liaising indirectly (through my oldest daughter) with a young artist but have been unable to get much more than a couple of samples when what I really want is a quote and an ETA.

    There are a number of sites out there that purport to offer free images but then ask for money when you get to download them so, my question is, does anyone know any good websites that offers truly free science fiction artwork? Bear in mind this "free" requirement is not because I am being miserly, it's simply because I have no idea how successful my book will be i.e. paying out 100 for cover art when I make only 50 profit is obviously a bad move and, whilst I would happily promote that artist's work both in my book and on my website I really can't afford to pay much out for it in the first instance. I mean sure, if it turns out I'm a naturally gifted writer then great but I'm also a realist, I read a lot of books and I'm fairly confident I'm not that good. Modern science fiction writers, whilst arguably better than the pulp writers of old, make more from writing many books in relatively few universes than they do from writing the fabled bestseller ... I only have the one book so far.

    So yeah, any idea where I can get some half decent science fiction art that is free?

    J C Rocks (An Aspiring Author's Journey)
    The Abyssal Void War: Stars, Hide Your Fires