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  • Whales: Cloud providers

    A thought:

    The Cloud is going to throw many IT providers out of business.

    Why?, because Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft will have 99% of the business. Any new player will be bought by one of those whales, like it happened with Skype and so many others.

    ... The other day I saw a company which product was backing up your servers and workstation, but that is done by those whales too.

    So, companies won't have servers anymore , and just like electricity, they will pay a bill monthly so that AWS takes care of everything.
    But there doesn't seem to be much space for new players, just like when big electricity companies are set up and you join of the biggest, and there are few of them.

    Companies won't have an IT guy in their premises any more ? Maybe for hardware failures ?
    Madrid (Spain).

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    "The Cloud is going to throw many IT providers out of business." - Only if they don't embrace it. Cloud computing offers a trove of opportunity for IT companies, Managed Service Providers and IT professionals. Cloud computing may move infrastructure and services out of traditional data centers but the skillsets to manage that infrastructure and those services are still needed. When a company moves stuff to the cloud who do you think is going to manage it for them? The same people who manage it today. Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc. are essentially in the "hardware" business. They're offering and providing IaaS, PaaS, etc. but there is still a need to manage those things by people who have those skillsets. Cloud computing isn't the death of the IT profession, it's an evolution of the IT profession. If you evolve with it then you'll continue to work and prosper. If you don't evolve with it then your career as an IT professional likely will die. It's up to you.


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      As I see it:

      Long ago, many companies had their own electricity system, and maybe two electric technicians onboard, on a daily basis, because the system was not reliable at all, at these days, so failures would occur every other day.

      Then, three or four huge companies offered a very reliable electricity system, and companies pay them monthly, not needing an electrician on premises anymore. The Big company would bring an electrician when a (rare) failure would occur.

      I think there is a parallelism with the "Whales IT cloud providers"
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      Madrid (Spain).