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  • Welad El Am movie feedback/talk :)


    I got Welad El Am arabic movie last week. After long time got an interesting movie from Middle East region.

    I hope I can talk about that movie a bit out of curioucity.

    It's very rare to see Israel in movies. Above movie mostly shooted in "Israel" I beleive. I just wonder if people in city like Tel Aviv, Haifa also can understand Arabic language? And is there any ban on speaking arabic in major cities in Israel?
    And how similar Hebrew and Arabic language is? While watching movie I came across some fmailier words like "Khallas" etc are also used in our regional languages in India.

    Any1 saw above movie? Only disappointment was at end they showed arabic police shots down 1 of the main character because its a Arabic movie.

    And I think 1 weird thing they showed the Egyptian spy manages to enter in Musad building and during there conversation the other person says thousands of people go to that building everyday. I dont think thousands of people go there everyday. Any comments?

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    Re: Welad El Am movie feedback/talk

    I cannot give feedback about the movie itself because I did not see it. However, there is some information you might want to be aware of. I will write some of my thoughts, time permitting, in no relevant order.

    - Arab-made movies are mostly anti-Israeli. I cannot say it is NOT the case the other way around, however they do tend to make movies that exaggerate the stereotypical image of Israel. Plots that involve fictional spy plots and other types of ideas that describe a false image of the life in Israel.

    - Life in Israel resembles, in 99%, life in any major Western European country. Scale is smaller though, since the entire population of Israel is around 7 million, so Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem only have approx 600-700 K people population each, but you should get the point. No, we do not ride camels and live in tents, and there are no dist storms in deserted streets...

    - You can be sure that what that movie showed about the Mossad headquarters is false. Security is one of the things Israel knows about, so I guess that whatever you saw in that movie is false.

    - Children in all ages, from 2 to 18, are constantly taught in schools that we are looking for peace, and peace is a major element in poetry and songs. I wish that was true for the other side, and unfortunately the truth is quite opposite. It is very common to see images and videos of the other side teaching and preaching and mind washing their population against us.

    Finally, don't shape your image of the world by watching movies.

    Enclosed are some clips of Tel-Aviv. Enjoy.
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