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    I was working with someone who has been using computers for many years. I noticed that when scrolling through folder lists they were clicking the up/down arrow repeatedly. I said they could click the space above or below the scroll bar to view a 'page' at a time if they needed to see all the contents, or that they could use the mouse wheel. This was a revelation - they had never thought to use a mouse wheel before. They are now very happy

    I've come across 'veteran' users who did not know about ctrl+c etc, but not this.
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    And then you have people like me, who will read a hard copy book, and try to scroll to turn the page....
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      Yesterday I asked someone to type shift+key. They did not know where the shift key was. I asked them how they typed capital letters and they replied that they pressed Caps Lock, typed the letter, then pressed Caps Lock again. I told them they could simply type Shift+key - it was a revelation for them
      A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy


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        I know a lot of "experienced" legal secretaries who don't use shift - I always cringe when they CAPS LOCK, press a key and CAPS LOCK again, but I've given up on correcting them.

        Separately, I have found myself working from a tablet and a regular laptop, and repeatedly swiping the laptop screen to scroll, even to the extent of picking up the Surface stylus and trying to use that on the laptop
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          Haha - I can understand how that can happen. I often have a laptop on my desk with my desktop PC and pick up the mouse and wonder why the cursor is not moving on the laptop...
          A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy


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            I'm currently confusing myself by having just purchased a Surface Book and an Arc Touch mouse to go with it. No scroll wheel, a touch sensitive pad that makes wheel sounds. Still does middle click though, which I use all the time when browsing.

            I've seen IT Pros using CTRL-ALT-DEL to lock their machines rather than using Win+L quite a lot too.
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