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    Just a quick background, I don't have any certifications and I haven't really studied too much to take any exams. I have watched a few 70-680 Videos as well as 70-410.

    I'm really looking for some recommended training videos/routes that I should follow to broaden my IT Knowledge. I would be very thankful if anybody could assist.

    I would say that I am at a very low level of IT knowledge with basic networking, basic everything really. I'm still undecided on what sort of Path I want to take in IT which hasn't helped but I'm ready to knuckle down and learn and expand my knowledge. I see people on the forums posting in-depth technical knowledge and I hope to reach that sort of level.

    I was thinking about studying a few different routes such as doing CCNA/CCNP/MS2012/etc. Then focusing on studying for the exams.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    You could always find an apprenticeship where you will learn and be paid at the same time. Learning on the job is the best kind of experience really..
    The CompTIA exams are great for beginners A+, Server+, Network+. Plus this forum is a great place to learn and Youtube has a wealth of free IT training for just about everything.
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      FWIW I would not try to go down too many pathways at the same time - concentrate on one, then move to another
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        I Currently work in IT which gives me hands on experience but I want to expand my knowedge and go down a good plan.


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          YouTube has a lot of CBT videos. Pluralsight also has a great many plus it has a free trial period to see if that learning method suits you. Worth a look.

          Knowing what I know now, I would look at a Security stream to follow or the Cisco route (no pun intended).
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            What is your job role??

            Stick with the study that fits in with what you do at work IMHO


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              I'm currently an IT Support Assistant relevent to about 1/2nd line. So looking for a training route to move out to with some enjoyment and obviously $$ $$


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                But what does your job actually entail? No point studying for a networking course and cert if your doing windows work and vice versa.

                What excites you about working in IT? What do you actually want to do? There are multiple pathways that you could go down, SQL DBA, Exchange Admin, Security Admin, Networking, Programming, to name a few.

                Also just having certs is no guarantee that you will get more money. I have worked beside techs that are certified by multiple vendors yet ask them the most basic of questions and they have no idea what it is.