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Netflix and others taken offline by AWS outage

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  • Netflix and others taken offline by AWS outage

    As Kryten might say, ahhhh, smug mode, or as Sheldon Cooper might say, I informed you thusly. We'll see if industry confidence is shaken by this....
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    Just checked the OZ site but I don't have an account so obviously I can't stream anything. I did however look at their Corporate and Tech Blogs. Corp on last dated Sept 14, Tech Blog dated August 31 and their Press release, Sept 18. This is from the US website as that is where the blog links redirect one. If they are down then surely they should blog it (and don't call me Shirley).

    I is not even a small fan of the Cloud and things like this just reinforce just how right I am. :smugsmile:
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      Yeah, this is why I won't move our data into the cloud - we're based in a rural location anyway, so are subject to power cuts and a low'ish connection speed, but coupled with the certainty of this type of thing happening and the likelihood of it happening exactly when a crucial deadline expires in 2 or 3 hrs....
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