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Warning - Personal Messages containing bad code/links

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  • Warning - Personal Messages containing bad code/links

    In the past several days we've been targeted by malicious people from (probably) a specific country, just because this site is hosted under an Israeli domain name.

    Without going into politics, which I will not allow on this site, this is totally unacceptable, and was immediately stopped from our side.

    However, we are not going to ban entire IP ranges for entire countries, not yet anyway. We aim to provide high-quality support, advice and help to all the people on this small planet and having to face these idiots simply makes us sick.

    Please be warned that there were several reports by people that got Private Messages from users (who by now are all banned for life), which contained either false URLs, malformed HTML code or other types of offensive content.

    • Do NOT provide your username or password to anyone, not even to a moderator or to myself!
    • DO NOT be tempted to click on any link, even if it looks ok, without first checking it.
    • Do NOT open any attachments that you received, either directly or by clicking on a link. We here do NOT send any attachments, and do NOT provide any downloadable content.
    • Always use a proper and updated Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software.
    • Always use your best judgment BEFORE clicking, executing, running or doing anything on your computer. Yes, even PDF or DOC files might contain malware.
    • Use caution. Always.

    And if you happen to be in a conversation that turns out into a political conversation about this specific issue we're facing, remember - we here are humans, not bound by religion, politics or other stupid ideas, we aim to make the world better by offering our hand to anyone out there. We have members that are from almost all the countries of this planet, and also from countries whose political and religious leaders have entirely banned Israeli domains from being accessed, or that preach for hate in their schools and streets. We still accept all members, equally, and never was there an instance of someone being blocked or banned just because of their origin, color or religion. Not here!

    Remember that, and hopefully, you'll take that hand and become an active and helping member of this community.
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    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services