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    I have been using a NG supplied free by my ISP for years and , if I thought about it at all , I assumed that this was the normal situation with all ISP's. but recently ,when I tried to access the NG , I got the message "you do not have the authority to read this , Goodbye!"

    After several frustrating attempts to contact my ISP I eventually found someone who had actually heard of NG's there and who informed me that the facilty was no longer supplied . On subsequent chats with a friend of mine who lives on the other side of the Atlantic from myself that this was the norm now and that if you want access to NG's then you have to pay for them.

    I will subscribe but , before I do , I would like to know what the proceedure is when you buy access to these NG suppliers . I presume they will supply you with a server address and a password so that the retrieval of the included NG's will be possible ? I'm wondering here if my ISP will be involved in this process as I wouldn't want to have bought access and then find it denied by an "NG illiterate" ISP ?

    Can anyone with experience of these matters say whether this is a likely scenario here ?