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  • Paperless medical offices

    Has anyone ever setup a medical office that has gone paperless? I got a client that is looking into and I have the least of clues on how much space is required for this. I dont know it would be an on going build of space but what would be a safe starting point?

    Also anyone know a good scanning option for all existing paper copies?

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    Re: Paperless medical offices

    How long is a piece of string (or, how big is a medical practice)?

    Find out how many patients the system would have to store records for, work out a generous average for the size taken up by each record and add a measure for expansion to the figure - I'd advise at least 50%. You'd probably look to use a SAN for ease of expansion later.

    Our office went paperless last summer. In theory. Wonderful theory it was too. Unfortunately it turned out to be as feasible as the paperless toilet.

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