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  • New to MCSEworld.....

    but not new to IT. Was not sure where to post this, so I picked here. I have been poking around on the forum for about a week and decided to join last night.

    A bit about me. I have a degree in MIS. I have been in the IT world for about 10 years. My background is mixed as far as what I have supported, designed, etc. I currently have a CCA.

    I am currently working for a school district as a support tech. I am about a week from moving to the network services side.

    Now, for my first question. The school district is running w2k on the server side with a mix on the client side. I have plenty of experience on the server side and client side. However, I am not sure which path to take, w2k or w23. I will be funding this on my own, so the school district has no say in which path I take. However, I am not sure how long I will remain working with the school district once I complete the certification. That decision will be based on a lot of factors, not just the salary side.

    Now that the rambling is done, any suggestions on which path to take?

    Kind regards,

    Allen Baragar

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    I passed windows 2000 wks and srv but then went back to Uni for my last year - When I returned back to work I decided to go for the 2003 route as a lot of companies may look to upgrade to 2003 and this would make me more favourable when reading my CV.

    I have heard stories that the 2003 route is harder than 2000. I have only passed the srv exam but I though it was on par with the 2000 srv exam.

    If you do go the 2000 route then upgrade to 2003 you will have more qualification so to speak.

    Hope this helps

    Michael Armstrong
    MCITP: EA, MCTS, MCSE 2003, MCSA 2003: Messaging, CCA, VCP 3.5, 4, 5, VCAP5-DCD, VCAP5-DCA, ITIL, MCP, PGP Certified Technician

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