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Why are you called what you are called?

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  • Why are you called what you are called?

    Regulars will know why i'm called Tonyyeb (despite my being Chris) but why are you called what you are called?

    Links for why Tonyyeb is called Tonyyeb: (a few messages down)
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    long story but i will keep it short...

    about 10 years ago, i started with computers. i told my friends that i would following a study, while i never ever used a computer.

    on a day, before school, i went to a friend of mine, and he was chatting on IRC. Well, i never done that, and he asked me of i wanted to take it over.

    Well, so we changed our position, and i wanted to start typing (with one finger). Then he suddenly logs it off.. i was not allowed to chat under his nickname. I should choose my own one... While i was thinking, he suddenly thought on my next education (computers) and because i never touched a keyboard, hey was appearently thinking that it was dumb. So, the nick Dumber was born....

    And it still remains...
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      The inpronouncable 'wkasdo' is actually a combination of my first and last name, truncated to six characters. Those were the restrictions of the first UNIX machine where I ever got an account, 20 years ago! I still carry it with me.


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        Somewhere around the end of the previos millenium (early 1999) I began my first job in IT field as junior sysadmin in a brokerage firm. Startups were popping up all around and anyone who invested in stocks in the firm, made money.
        Being young and stupid (or maybe not ?), I did nothing about it and soon the buble blew up high sky and most of the people with investments in hi-tech lost quite a fortune. From there, as a reminder to myself, came "Antidot".
        Now that made a lot of confusion, as people thought that the intension was "antidote" and that I had a spelling mistake, while the original intension was "anti-dotcom". To clear the confusion, I flipped the "o" to 0 the script-kiddie style and was left along.

        Recently I got tired of that nick as I came to conclusion that I have outgrown it and not long ago I just switched to "guyt", wich is quite obvious (hint: Guy Teverovsky), though still there are some places on the web where I have kept the old nick - mostly out of sentimental reasons (or because I did not want to rename my home AD )
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          I like cruising the Hitrack......


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            I'm new, but this seems interesting so I'll post here... My nickname...
            Well, all of my friends had nicknames to do with their first and last names, but me well I couldn't do that because my nickname would be DvL, or in terms of pronounciation Devil , or Drivel ... So my good pal Louis Decided to be clever and took the first letter and last letter of my first name Dirk, to make DK... Anyway thats a waste of a good few seconds of your time. -Thanks