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  • Stupid users

    It had to happen at some point... a stupid users thread!

    Well ill start the ball rolling:

    I had a female user ring (she was a temp) saying that when she booted her computer it went into a menu which she didn't recognise. I went down to her and found she had got into the BIOS. I asked her if she had pressed anything and she said "Well it said press 'Delete' to enter setup, so I did". I said "Have you tried not pressing it?" She tried that and i walked away.
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    I work for a software dev company so many of my co-workers are very computer saavy but sometimes a little too saavy.

    The president of the company broke his laptop. He dropped it or something and the screen was severed from the rest of the thing. Anyway, I plugged a monitor into the thing and got everything backed up. He continued to use it for 2-3 days with a monitor while waiting on the new one.

    When I received the new laptop I loaded the standard image along with the backed up data. Everything was golden, so I handed it over to him. I received a call about 30 min later, he's complaining that the thing won't boot (stop errors when loading WinXP). I'm thinking hmmm, wtf? I reimaged the thing over the network, loaded his data and made sure it was working - which it was. Again, 30-45min go by and he's calling again saying it won't boot. This time I go to his office and pick it up. At this point I am suspecting a possible hardware problem. I load the image again, data etc. I run it for the rest of the day, reboot multiple times etc. It's working like champ, there appears to be no problems - because there are none.

    The next day I bring it back to him and say, what are you doing? There is nothing wrong with this laptop. He tells me, well I'm loading some files I saved (I guess he saved some things after I told him he was getting a new laptop). Now I'm thinking he didn't trust me to get everything, no big deal. I asked to see the data he was loading. He pulls out a dvd, and I put it in the drive to check the contents (documents and settings, and winnt the old laptop had Win2000). So I asked him, are you receiving any errors when loading the dvd. He said, well it was giving me a problem copying a file "user.dat" to documents and settings\profile and a bunch of things from the winnt folder which I figured belonged in the Windows folder.

    Omg, it was all I could do to contain myself. I said, well don't do that I already loaded your data. I got back to my office and almost pissed myself from laughing. This guy is supposed to be this uber programmer turned suit, yet he doesn't know enough not to overwrite his registry or OS with files from an older version.

    This wasn't duh stupid, this was douchebagthinksheknowseverything stupid.

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      Stupid users

      Unfortunatley a lot of the users I support are unbelievably daft and are awful at remembering their passwords, when having to reset their passwords for the 100th time in an hour, I change the password to something like "plank" or "muppet" or anything like that. (One new starter had to have her password reset 8 times on her first day because she kept forgetting what she'd changed her password to!!)

      Perhaps a little childish on my part, but it keeps me sane and amused!


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        I saw a solution to your problem Wifle1. Each time the luser forgot their password, they were given progressively longer/more complex passwords to remember. It dawned on them very quickly that they needed to remember their password. And the funny thing is that it worked. Password resets practly deminished in that establishment. Now that is lateral thinking!!

        I wish I could remember who to give credit for that gem.
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          Stupid users

          I'm definitely going to try that one! Thanx



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            Although I do think that with those really complex passwords they will just end up being written on a post-it note and stuck to the front of the monitor !!!
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              Stupid users

              You're not wrong there, but the users where I work do that already with a 5 character password!!! Security? Who needs security!