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Very discouraging to read about Paper MCSE's

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  • Very discouraging to read about Paper MCSE's

    I am enrolled part-time in a community college in a MCSE track, and have only completed two courses, intro to networking and network computer repair. Both courses prepare for CompTIA certs, but they are definitely paper certs and I know that I am barely worth minimum wage to any company.

    I don't know if I will ever be worth more as an administrator then my current profession. Sure I know more about computers than almost anyone else in my office, but how will I turn that into $$ so that I can support a family?

    I know one thing for sure, from reading topics on this site, I don't know very much at all about network administration or even computer repair.

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    IT is not the quick money making scheme that these TV ad's like to make out

    "do this course and you'll be earning 30k+" just doesn't happen.

    There is a lot of material to learn, not much of which can be done just through books I'm afraid. Cold hard experience is the way to go.

    You will not walk into a Network Admin role just from doing the course, cowboys are usually quickly found out and "removed" !! Best to start from the bottom, lot's of people seem to start on helpdesk but if you are lucky like I was go straight to 2nd Line support, and work your way up.

    It's not easy though !! And you rarely get any recognition for those long nights swearing at a server BSOD.

    Hope this doesn't put you off too much, good luck.

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      IT takes time, MANY courses, and dedication.

      IT professionals are the hard working, dedicated, and the silly barstards that are called in at all hours of the day and night to provide assistance to the other plebs...

      A dedicated IT professional can make a killer of a wage, but more often than not, the company doesn't realise what is actually involved in keeping stupid people from breaking the computer network, and therefore under-pay people.



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        Had a bad day Brian ??

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