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  • Resume writing

    Well there must be a few people here that are going to be pursuing new or better opportunities.
    I wonder if anyone used any professional resume writing shops to do your resumes?
    If so how would you rate them? Quality price and all.
    I always wrote my own resumes but now after seeing a few really well written pieces I?m looking around.
    The prices, (the better ones aren?t cheap) ranged from $300 to $2500.
    I think this can be a good investment.

    This is my reasoning.
    I was always the impression that a resume is a work/employment history. I?m starting to think this is not accurate. I think it?s more like a presentation or even like a web page for a corporation. Having a professional writer do what they do best may be a better route.

    Any thoughts or experience on this?
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    I used a service for my resume writing. They also provided a search of 100 companies in my area with names and email addresses. They sent a blast cover letter on my behalf as well to those companies. They have various levels of service. Due to being new here, I do not want to post their name because I am not sure if it is considered advertising and whatnot. However, if you want to send me a pm, I will provide the name to you.


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      Personally I write my own.

      I see it that in my role, sys admin, engineer, network manager (whatever you want to call it), the writer would have to be very technical to actually under stand the concept of the technologies you have worked with and how to portray them in a CV (resume for you lot over west)

      I have met loads of enginners in my time and not one of them was any good at english, including myself. So I can't really see how they can help with a technical CV.


      If you do get one let us know how it turned out !!
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        Re: Resume writing

        everything about resume and cv writing, check this website:

        Goras, being your first and only post, you'd better explain this link. PM me and if you convince me it's not your way of placing commercials on the site I will let you post it. If you don't do it in 24 hours I will consider this as an attempt to put commercials on my site and I will ban you.

        UPDATE: User banned.
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          Re: Resume writing

          Well, I too never used a service and always wrote my own resume. Probably the most useful tip I can give is: if you have friends in the field, give them your resume for review. Having someone in a management position reviewing it is also a good idea - you will get not only technical comments, but also structural and it will help you understand what points should be emphasized.

          I guess different countries have different ways of doing things, but what I have found out is that the most important part of the resume is the first page. When someone opens your resume sometimes he will not continue to the second page if he does not find the required info right in front of his eyes.

          In Israel for example, having resume longer than 2 pages will not get you far as the HR folks who do the first filtering will be looking for relevant buzz words on the first page. My understanding is that in UK the opposite is correct and long, detailed resumes are a must (correct me if I'm wrong).
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