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381 Users online concurrently :)

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  • 381 Users online concurrently :)

    Most users ever online was 381 on Tue Mar 01, 2005 8:02 am

    Gotta love that, folks

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    Already spotted;highlight=

    It was the say after the hack so im assuming it has something to do with that!
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      The site has recieved an unhealthy amount of attention after the recent incedent. I am still not sure and this is all a speculation, but from my findings, the exploit involves placing a bot on the victim's server which reports to an IRC channel. Moreover, this bot, after infecting the target, starts scanning the network for PHPBB forums (pretty impressive piece of code in perl actually)

      My bet is that the large number is the result of those scans.
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        I have seen similar with another forum I am moderator of, which saw 127 guests online concurrently...

        The strange thing was, we only have 150 members at that stage, and we had 45 of them all gathered at a park having lunch and admiring each other's cars at the time.

        Later revealing from the logs shows it was google spiders and a couple of proxy machines, so the forum admin went and performed some major upgrading for security to make sure those proxie viewers had no ill intentions.