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Any of you purchase used server hardware?

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  • Any of you purchase used server hardware?

    Any of you purchase used server hardware?

    Maybe to upgrade old servers to to keep them in production with non-critical roles, or to setup a test environment....or for whatever reason. Maybe your boss thinks technology is evil and demands you run your department on a shoe-string budget forcing you to scrounge for hardware .

    We've made a habit of squeezing the life out of our older systems. Recently we upgraded an IBM x232. We bought a lot of 10 used 37GB scsi drives, some drive trays, a second 1.13Ghz P3 and some more RAM. Turned the system into a very capable machine for running VMs. Of course with the used SCSI drives we have a hot spare and a couple cold spares ready to go.
    Lately I've been eying used storage arrays. We could build a fairly nice array for next to nothing compared to a new system.

    Just for the record, our mission critical systems were all purchased new. We're not complete cheapskates .
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    Re: Any of you purchase used server hardware?

    The only thing I would advise is making sure the original vendor recognizes your ownership of the used equipment and honors it's support contract for the equipment.