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My biggest frustration so far...

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  • My biggest frustration so far... trying to convince the people around me that new PC's are not an expense, they are an investment. That keeping the ones we have and squeezing every last bit of life out of them is actually costing us money versus buying new ones.

    I even made the offer to by boss that if we could quantify in some way how much time is saved each month with a new PC versus keeping the old ones that I would buy the new PC's with my own money and they would pay me for the time the new PC's save. I have no doubt I would make a killing off of a deal like that. Probably make all my money back in the first year.

    There's something to be said for being frugal, but taking it too far is counterproductive.

    So...what gets the rest of you really frustrated? Aside from all those crazy users that is.
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    Re: My biggest frustration so far...

    Apart from those crazy users....

    People who assume IT staff never stop working -- we just get propped in a cupboard at night to be re-charged and are therefore available 24/7

    Also the fact that its always "your fault"....
    User: "I deleted a vital folder -- what are YOU going to do about it?.... what do you mean, it'll take 2 hours. I need it NOW!"

    User: "Someone says they sent me an email HOURS ago. I haven't got it. What are YOU going to do?"

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      Re: My biggest frustration so far...

      Crazy users... Always fun

      People that pass the blame from other peoples mistakes onto you. For example, I had a client who had some viruses on his PC. I went out, cleaned them all off and rescanned again and it was all good and he was happy. One week later, he had viruses again (downloading some dodgy software before you ask) then he had a 'friend' come around to remove them. This 'friend' formatted his machine completely and only installed the operating system, no drivers, no programs or nothing

      I get an angry call "You removed some viruses from my machine last week and now my programs are missing"

      He was completely oblivious to the fact that a week ago all of his programs were in fact on his machine and working; and that his 'friend' was indeed the culprit; and that somehow magically I had removed his programs a week later

      Lucky I take full Images of machines after I'm done. I still got blamed for it though

      My biggest peeve is the assumption that PC knowledge somehow translates into general electrical knowledge. I have been asked "do you know whats wrong with the kettle? Its not boiling as hot as it normally does?" I say "I dont know, it could be the element or something" They say "What do you mean you dont know, its got electronics in it??"

      Uhh, yeah... IT AND kettle expert.... Hrmmmm

      I've lost count of how many VCRs and DVD players I've installed and tuned in.


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        Re: My biggest frustration so far...

        I couldn't help laugh after reading the above posts! It is completely true that people assume anything with a wire on it goes to the IT department.

        I have mobile phones, sat nav kits and more left on my desk!


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          Re: My biggest frustration so far...

          So far I have managed to stay away from our 12 year old copy machine.

          By boss made it very clear to users even before I got there that IT does not service copy machines. We have a service contract for that. My boss is really a great guy!
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            Re: My biggest frustration so far...

            Wohoo!! A complaining thread. At last!

            Besides those crazy users?

            Those crazy IT people.
            The ones who don't want you to learn how the network works withholding documentation and information and when you don't know use it as justification for not telling you. Circular logic at its best.

            Ever meet Johnny Important? "I'll do that tomorrow." he says, but as we all know tomorrow never comes, bye bye project timeline. At least everyone knows Johnny is important and has some power over something.

            That said I love IT and most of the people in it, I wouldn't want to work in any other sector.
            I don't know anything about (you or your) computers.
            Research/test for yourself when listening to free advice.


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              Re: My biggest frustration so far...

              Hey I've ran into Johnny... still waiting for the SAN and UPS Systems... It's been about 75 Days and counting...

              I agree too if it has a cord, IT can fix it. I am to the point where I am tired of answering the same questions over and over again but, I have to cause it's my job... Just git my teeth and bear it

              I also agree the IT field and the people in the IT field are good people. We are in an ever changing field and I love the fact that the job is NEVER the same day in and day out.


              My advice is provided AS IS, without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Follow at your own risk.
              Hope this helps.


              My advice is provided AS IS, without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Follow at your own risk.


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                Re: My biggest frustration so far...

                I wouldn't want to work in any other sector.
                You work????

                We had a saying in aviation, "Why work when you can fly for a living." Flying was 98% sheer boredom interrupted by 2% sheer terror. A bit like IT really, so, why work when you can do IT for a living.
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                  Re: My biggest frustration so far...

                  so many truisms from my working day in this thread!

                  Going back to post 1, I get in the position where they want to put a "proof of concept" in to the production line for testing. Of course, they want zero cost, so come begging to build a "bitsa" (bits of this, bits of that) or worse still, magic one out of their old cupboard.

                  Before I know it, it's gone live and the gits are calling me at two am, coz production is down and I'm the only one who can fix this mission critical pc that is stopping the line! my argument then is, "if you save 400 by not purchasing a new pc, how much did you waste when producton was down for an hour?". Yeah I know, there should be a warm standby somewhere, but I love the way that someone's reluctance to spend on fit for purpose kit becomes IT's fault!