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WARNING about Maxtor Hard Drives

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  • WARNING about Maxtor Hard Drives

    Update: Maxtor Drives Contain Password-Stealing Trojans

    ComputerWorld reported that Seagate Technology LLC has shipped Maxtor disk drives that contain Trojan horses that upload data to a pair of Chinese Web sites, the Taiwanese government's security service warned this weekend. The Investigation Bureau, a part of the Ministry of Justice that's responsible for both internal security and foreign threats, said it suspected mainland China's authorities were responsible for planting the malware on the drives at the factory. "The bureau said that the method of attack was unusual, adding that it suspected Chinese authorities were involved," a story posted by the English-language Taipei Times reported Sunday. "Sensitive information may have already been intercepted by Beijing through the two Web sites, the bureau said." More at:

    Great, virus, spyware, malware now Chinaware.
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    Re: WARNING about Maxtor Hard Drives

    I think Chinaware came first. My grandma has some that's over 100 years old.

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