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    my Current Job title is "Group IT support Analyst" and I have 3 years proper experience in windows networks and some minor project support/management involvement. I've just started a new role in a small house building company (100 users 10 servers over 4 sites in a windows 2003 AD network). My previous role was IT Technician in the head office of a larger firm (420 + 30 servers with a little support for external sites) Basically I'm looking to become an IT/Network manager within 2 years.

    What I'd like is for current IT managers to help me in pointing me in the right direction of what I should be pushing to develop in my skills set to get that role. In my current role I have a fair amount of spare time to persue my development. I will have gained my MCSE qualification by November/Christmas. I was thinking that I can get foundations of Prince2 or ITIL. I dont have much sql experience other than the most basics....

    Could you just point me in the right direction of what you'd be looking at when employing an IT Manager. I was thinking about small companies innitially to build by experience before going up....

    thanks in advance

    David Armstrong

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    Re: Career Advice

    From one Armstrong to another

    If it's really an IT manager role you want to go after then I would get MCSE sorted and then start all the ITIL training - That seems to be the thing and I know my previous manager performed the required training and is doing pretty well.

    Hope this helps

    Michael Armstrong
    Michael Armstrong
    MCITP: EA, MCTS, MCSE 2003, MCSA 2003: Messaging, CCA, VCP 3.5, 4, 5, VCAP5-DCD, VCAP5-DCA, ITIL, MCP, PGP Certified Technician

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      Re: Career Advice

      Armstrong is one of the best names out there!!

      Well truth is I'd prefer to go into like project management/change management something like that but I can't see any possibilitiy of getting into that field without the chance of developing more of those skills internally. quals are ok but experience is a must in that I think. IT manager I feel would give me the opportunity to do both my career development and a bit of project management.

      i think... :P


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        Re: Career Advice

        I just wonder why you guys have strong one stronger than the other?

        Since the MCSE path is going the way of the dinosaurs, I would suggest in this case that a degree in IT might be a better option. Part time study is an option and once you have started the study it gives an indication to an employer that you are serious in what you want to do. Qualifications are great but for managerial roles and IT degree (in the appropriate field) would possibly be looked upon in a more favourable light than several IT related letters after your name. Managerial is quite different from doing the actual work. You have some practical experience (more needed but that will be gained while studying) and now you need the theoretical and the paper to frame and hang on the wall.

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