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self made pc dvr/game station/music center

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  • self made pc dvr/game station/music center

    while surfing around i found some how to's about building pc dvr's

    some one here made something like this?

    i am interested in building some little media center for my living room

    it should:

    tv capture (pci card... with remote)
    can run some emulators (game emulators)
    play music files (over lan from the storage)
    and should connect to my 7.1 giga works
    need minimum 2 USB ports for connecting ps2 game pads with adapter to USB.

    i think it should be very easy to set up such a system...
    its also saving space... i can remove my dvd player... game console... etc...

    some one here having something like this in the living room?

    i just think what a powerfull media center its possible to build from a pc...

    Yaniv F

    if this is not the right forum please move or delete thanks
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