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Anyone heard of this company?

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  • Anyone heard of this company?


    Can anyone tell me if this company is serious? http://<span style="color:Red">REMOV...DRINKER</span> - It's taken me ages to find a company that has no signup costs, 99% of them charge a start up fee. They pay you to participate and complete online surveys which can earn you up to $25 per survey. I don't have much money at the moment thats why i am looking for another income, I've heard about this sort of work but sometimes it seems to good to be true. Anyway I just signed up about 15 minutes ago and I am still trying to work it all out. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Keith
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    Re: Anyone heard of this company?

    This looks like an ad to me but I am still tingling from my Milo so you get the benefit of the doubt. However, the URL will be removed for my old friend Justin Case.
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      Anyone heard of Justin?

      Hey I heard of that guy Justin. Great guy. Saved my butt a few times.

      Just this morning I told this CPA I work with that I would rather have a good, full backup before installing a major update to a mission critical application, and when he asked why I would do such a thing I referred him to my friend Justin Case.

      The CPA finally relented and is allowing me to wait on the upgrade.


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        Re: Anyone heard of this company?

        You know what Biggles? I don't know your friend Justin, and because of that I'll just ban Mr. keithsterlo for life because of spamming my forums.


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