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difference between iaas and private cloud

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  • difference between iaas and private cloud

    Hi All,

    I have searched google and found many articles however I am unable to figure out difference between Infrastructure as a service and Private Cloud. Can you please help me understand the difference between them.


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    Private Cloud - you manage the servers although they are located in a datacentre and you have provisioning tools
    IaaS - you buy e.g. Azure Active Directory, so you don't have any actual servers to manage, just the service
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      Originally posted by Ossian View Post
      Private Cloud - you manage the servers although they are located in a datacentre and you have provisioning tools
      IaaS - you buy e.g. Azure Active Directory, so you don't have any actual servers to manage, just the service
      Not quite. IaaS means "Infrastructure as a Service", so you're renting (virtualized) hardware (servers/routers/switches/whatever) from a hosting provider, and get to install anything you like.

      "Private Cloud" is indeed a cloud infrastructure that you're owning and managing yourself, but that can even include hosting the services locally but making them accessible over the Internet. You don't have to use a hosting provider, although many do.


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        Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a way of delivering Cloud Computing infrastructure – servers, storage, network and operating systems – as an on-demand service. Rather than purchasing servers, software, datacenter space or network equipment, clients instead buy those resources as a fully outsourced service on demand. A third party allows you to install your own virtual server on their IT infrastructure in exchange for a rental fee. Generally IaaS can be obtained as public or private infrastructure or a combination of the two.

        “Public cloud” is considered infrastructure that consists of shared resources, deployed on a self-service basis over the Internet.

        By contrast, “private cloud” is infrastructure that emulates some of Cloud Computing features, like virtualization, but does so on a private network. Additionally, some private-based cloud service providers are beginning to offer a combination of traditional dedicated hosting alongside public and/ or private cloud networks. This combination approach is generally called “Hybrid Cloud”.

        The biggest difference between IaaS and Private Clouds is that the customer (you) does not have control over the virtualization layer (hypervisor) or the actual hardware. But everything above those layers is 100% within your control.

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          Kudos to you for siting your sources for that information. Well done!
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            Remote data centre infrastructures managed, accessed and monitored by self serviced models that are known as IaaS! Instead of purchasing your own hardware user can [MOD EDIT SPAM DELETED] his potential consumption, such as virtual storage, online documentation etc.
            IaaS is a SERVICE. Whereas Private Cloud is the DOMAIN on which you enjoy the service.
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              IaaS can be your private cloud, if you've built something like Openstack in your own DC. The point here is that IaaS refers to the concept of providing infrastructure as a service (whether you are the one providing, or someone else provides it to you) and private cloud means you are running your own cloud (IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS) to provide whatever *aaS to your organization. The two concepts are orthogonal, one is a type of cloud, the other ownership/service provider model
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                Hi I am Tegan and I have joined this place recently to get some valuable info.I hope this place will be very interesting.


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                  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides virtualized computing resources and offer highly scalable resources that can be adjusted on-demand. In this, a third-party provider hosts infrastructure components on behalf of its users like hardware, software, servers, etc. IaaS providers also host users' applications and handle tasks including system maintenance, backup and resiliency planning. Automation of administrative tasks, dynamic scaling, desktop virtualization and policy-based services are some of the other tasks included!

                  Private cloud offers scalability and self-service, but through a proprietary architecture. A private cloud is dedicated to a single organization and therefore is best for businesses with dynamic or unpredictable computing needs that require direct control over their environments.