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Vista network issues - non-accessibility of shared resources

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  • Vista network issues - non-accessibility of shared resources

    Hi All,

    I have a workgroup based network that consists of around 30 PC. All of them using MS Client OS like Windows XP (x86/x64), Vista (x86) and 7 (x86/x64). Since it is a workgroup setup I have used a PC, with a name 'Central' with Windows Vista (x86) in it and designated it as the central point on which I have connected the printers and shared them , two USB HDD that are shared that I've been using for placing any needed files from the network users.

    The problem is from time to time even if the the resources are shared the users are unable to get them. Sometimes it shown as non-accessible and restart of the 'Central' PC will show the shared resources. I don't know why the shared resources are non accessible in regular intervals. The same issue affects the printers too, at times the users not able to access the printer and take the printouts. Again a restart of the shared Pc (Central) solves this issue.

    I don't know why this problem is happening and whether there is any solution to fix the issue.

    Plz share your comments about this issue with any solution applicable for me.


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    Re: Vista network issues - non-accessibility of shared resources

    I suspect it will be the "10 concurrent connections" limit which separates workstations from server OSes -- restarting the PC will drop all the connections so the first 10 to connect get on, then later ones don't unless someone drops off.

    Solution: get a server (and AD -- 30 users in a workgroup is asking for trouble!)
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      Re: Vista network issues - non-accessibility of shared resources

      Ossian's suggestion is the way to go if you have 30 staff on a single network.

      However, if you really do not want to go down the domain road you can do the following:

      1. Buy a storage device that you can attach directly to the network and stick your data on it. Use the in-built facilities to share the data.

      2. Buy/lease a multi-function printer that be attached directly to the network.

      Connection limits become a thing of the past
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