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  • Error message from wbadmin

    We have a backup that keeps reporting "There is not enough free space on the storage location to back up the data." There is more than enough space to create the baackup at the destination. But I'm thinking that since the free space does not equal the total size of the hard drive being backed up that it will keep reporting this. Am I correct?

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    Re: Error message from wbadmin


    You may need at least 1.5x free space available. So, if your data = 100BG, you may need 150GB.

    Backup programs do not always look at the amount of data to be backed up and then compare that with the amount of available free space. Back-up programs behave in strange ways

    Which backup are you using? Disk? Tape? How much data needs to be backed up? What is the size of the free space on the destination storage device?
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      Re: Error message from wbadmin

      We are saving the images to a file server. Hoping to get a NAS in this years budget.... yeah right...

      We actually figured out the problem late yesterday. The image of the machine was larger that the space available. We forgot this machine has a lot more data on it that the onther ones in the same department.


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        Re: Error message from wbadmin

        Ask why users are saving stuff on the local machine and not on a server!
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          Re: Error message from wbadmin

          Unfortunately that is the way the machines are setup here. The biggest hog is the virtual machine that is on the pc, it is needed to run a legacy app the department is dependant on. Fortunately they are looking for a newer software product.