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iSCSI permissions

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  • iSCSI permissions


    playing with iSCSI with a view to implementing it on a small home network running SBS2008 eventually. What I'm really trying to do is implement a very low budget SAN/NAS solution, whereby I can redirect the users shared files to the iSCSI target retaining the permissions from the server.

    I have created the iSCSI target on a QNAP TS210 box and succesfully created a new volume on a Vista machine using the built in iSCSI initiator. All is well and good there. The problem I have is with inherited permissions. When I check the volume permissions there is a checkbox that says to replace permissions on child objects or words to that effect. It is unchecked as I don't want it to inherit from this volume. However whatever I copy onto the volume inherits these permissions and I cannot remove users or objects on the individual files as I get a message saying it is inheriting the permissions.

    Not sure whether this is a general microsoft problem, a Vista problem, a hardware problem or just me being a bit stupid.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. As I said this is a very low budget solution so please bear that in mind when making suggestions.