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    Hello guys,

    we have windows server 2003 DC...workstations are windows vista

    I have not given users, administartors privilege on the workstations, so that they cannot install any software for security reasons, which is fine!

    now the problem i am facing is, programs like JAVA or CCleaner has updates and users cannot install these updates as vista asks them to enter administrators password..

    is there any way they can install the updates without entering the admin password?

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    Re: Software UPDATES

    You may be able to do this, but you should really find a way to centrally manage the deployment of updates rather than letting users handle it. I know that the latest versions of Java can be pushed out the same way you'd deploy any MSI-installed software.

    The CCleaner website tells you that users must be administrators to install updates.

    Why not consider ditching CCleaner? There's nothing it does that you can't achieve with a mix of Group Policy and WIndows Defender, updates for which you deploy through WSUS along with OS updates.
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