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Missing Files when I logged in.

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  • Missing Files when I logged in.

    Hi Everyone,

    I notice when I logged in this morning only my office files were missing like excel, Word on my desktop. Then I launched my outlook 2007 it says that my "archive.pst file cannot be found". Also my favorites are gone from google chrome as well. I tried to do a system restore but no avail. I did use the free undelete program but it not find the files I'm looking for.

    Did somehow my user profile got corrupted?

    My computer is part as a domain NOT as a workgroup.

    Is there a fix for this?

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    Re: Missing Files when I logged in.

    Three things could have happened.

    a) You have logged in with a different account.
    b) You have logged in and been given a temporary profile (it will tell you this when you logged in).
    c) Your existing profile is missing or it has been corrupted and been given a completely new profile.

    Logout of your account. Login with an Administrator account (diff. from your own) and look in C:\Users. Check to see if your account profile is still listed or it may have created a second profile e.g. name.domain or name.computername.

    Backup the profile(s) to another location e.g. C:\Backup and remove the old profile from c:\users. Login again as yourself and you will get a new profile. Copy data and settings from AppData that your require from the old profile in c:\backup.