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Vista client can't logon to domain

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  • Vista client can't logon to domain

    At logon screen I attempt to logon with domain user (Win2003 SBS Domain) but I get nasty Security warning. It is in local language, so I have to translate it to English:

    Could not establish secure relationship between workstation and primary domain (controller?).

    This happens if I try to logon with any domain user if I am connected to network. If I unplug network cable I am able to logon with one cached user and that is it. I cannot connect with domain administrator or any other domain account, because credentials aren't cached. There are no local users.

    What do I do? What could be wrong? Some kind of DNS problem?

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    Re: Vista client can't logon to domain

    How is the workstation assigned an IP address - statically or by DHCP? In either case, check DNS. Since you have one user with cached credentials on there, presumably this computer was working fine at one point?

    Does this problem happen to any other computers? Check this computer's account in AD (that it isn't disabled etc).
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      Re: Vista client can't logon to domain

      It sounds like the computer account in the domain got discombobulated. Try leaving and then rejoining this workstation to the domain.