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Vista Networking

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  • Vista Networking

    I have a problem with Vista. A few days ago my computer was freezing whenever I activated my network connection. In an effort to sort the problem, I deleted a services I thought was contributing to the issue. The interesting thing is that network services dont start any more. And since that day my network has never hung again. The service I deleted is called Bowser. I have restored the network but the still network services still dont start. They terminate with 7023 in the event log

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    Re: Vista Networking

    So, what's the question?
    What do you mean "deleted a service"? You can stop a service, disable it... Make it start manually... But how can one delete a service?
    It is hard for me to believe that disabling the Computer Browser service (if this is indeed the service ) will change anything. This service is in charge with populating the list of network neighbors of your computer and nothing more. Without it, you will not see them. No other service is depending on it. So ... For more details on it, I suggest some reading on BlackViper's excellent site.
    What version of Vista are you using?
    What hardware do you have? Is it a desktop or laptop?
    What do you mean by
    whenever I activated my network connection

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