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windows live remote assistance

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  • windows live remote assistance

    A friend has tried to windows live remote assistance to my account but cannot get through , I have ticked Allow Remote assistance . I cannot also setup a gaming server on this account
    I have connected straight to my modem.
    What I did try was a few weeks ago I enabled net user administrator /active:yes in which this gave me another account to login to when I first switch my computer on.

    I switch to this new administrator account and my friend can now connect to my computer , but I cannot find a anwser to why his is unable to connect to my user account I use every day.

    Please help.

    I did have a reply from microsoft

    Hi GPRTech,
    Thank you for using the Microsoft Vista Forums.
    You need to run the remote assistant will elevated privileges. It isnít going to run properly without administrator rights.

    Can I ask how I enable elevated privileges it says I am a administrator on my account login?.

    I have inabled UAC and now I get a box come up saying about permissions.
    I now have to right click everything to run as

    For the life of me I cannot understand why someone cannot connect to my pc . [Firewall is switched off]

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    Re: windows live remote assistance

    Does your modem have a firewall? Is it enabled?
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