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Retoring a system using Complete PC Backup

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  • Retoring a system using Complete PC Backup

    We are having an issue restoring a HP EliteBook Table using Complete PC Backup.

    Initial Vista setup has been completed.

    The hard drive was shrunk to provide space for creating a local image of the machine. Leaving c: - active partition, d: - HP partition, e: - DVD drive, f: - new partition for backup.

    Complete PC Backup was run creating the backup on the f: partition.

    When we attempt to restore from Complete PC Backup we end up with this:
    c: - active partition, d: - backup partition, e: - HP partition, f: DVD drive.

    Complete PC Backup give us the following error:

    A valid backup location could not be found.

    And the network radio button is selected.

    How can we get it to find the backup that is on the backup partition?