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Trouble booting up in Vista

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  • Trouble booting up in Vista

    I'm having periodic trouble booting up and also have problems with the computer just seizing up and going to a black screen with a blinking cursor in upper left hand of screen. Let me explain...

    A while back I went to the computer (which had been on and used for a long time) and the screen was black. Tried the old 'ctrl-alt-del' trick..nothing. Nothing worked so I had to hold the on/off button in until the computer shut down. This has happened many times.

    The other problem is when turning the computer on (it's a Dell) it will get to the 'Dell' screen and, after a while, just pop over to a black screen and then - nothing. Frozen again.

    I've tried a lot of different things to solve the problem. I have two additional external hard drives and I'm convinced that their involvement is the root of the problem. After trying a variety of things to solve the problem - the one trick that has worked with regularity is:

    1. Turn of computer (one way or another)
    2. Unplug the two external hard drives
    3. When the Dell screen appears I hit F12 to go to boot setup
    4. Specify the correct drive to boot from

    Then away we go... Windows boots and everything is back to normal. I'm not a computer expert by any stretch but it seems to me that my computer is confused (with the other drives connected) as to which drive to turn to when booting. Of course, I could be completely wrong

    Anybody have any ideas? Thanks for any help!!!!

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    Re: Trouble booting up in Vista

    Check the Boot order in the BIOS. Most computers can boot from USB these days s well, which is why you may br experiencing the issue.


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      Re: Trouble booting up in Vista

      Originally posted by ScooterMacG View Post
      A while back I went to the computer (which had been on and used for a long time) and the screen was black.
      Have you looked through event log at all? Is this an XP machine or Vista? If it's vista, the reliability monitor within "Performance and Reliability monitor" is a good tool for seeing patterns in OS failures and errors. It lists hardware and Windows failures (among other things) for each day on a timeline. Give it a look.
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        Re: Trouble booting up in Vista

        My Dell laptop was doing the same thing when attached to the docking station
        i found i could fix it by undocking it and resetting the docking station by removing the power then plugging it back in.
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