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Waking Computer for Skype Calls

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  • Waking Computer for Skype Calls

    Hi All -
    I am self-educated with this, so please excuse if I miss big picture, but I could use help with a Vista / Task Scheduler /Skype task I am trying to do. (My system: Acer Aspire 5100 PC AMD Turion Dual Processor 2 Gig RAM, 65 Gig HD, Windows Vista, MS Office 2007)

    I want my computer to wake up from sleep or hibernation when I receive a Skype phone call - this way i don't have to have my computer powered on all day just to receive calls.

    Skype customer tech support wrote me back saying there isn't a way (that they know?) There is a note, dated Aug 8, 2008, in Skype knowledge base announcing an Intel device that will do this but no more info. I have not found any add on's that do this.

    So what I have been trying to do is to create a task in VISTA Task Scheduler whose trigger EVENT is an incoming call from skype.

    However, I am not clear on the "event" definition - it will only take a number, and cannot find a master list of Vista Event numbers, but suspect that they would all be keyed to vista system events, not skype application events.

    what I suspect is that the Vista Task Scheduler is just for Vista System tasks, and I am trying to create something that can't be implemented.

    Any ideas about how to have my computer identify an incoming Skype phone call as a trigger to wake up?

    Or is this a bios issue that can't be solved with the approach I am taking?
    Susan Rabbit

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    Re: Waking Computer for Skype Calls

    There'd have to be a way to wake the computer on a specific type of network activity since Skype is VoIP. The "Intel device" you mentioned is probably external and is monitoring network traffic for Skype data and if it sees a call it sends a Magic Packet to the computer to cause Wake-On-Lan to wake the computer.

    You'd need something like this for it to work because if your computer's network adapater is sleeping it can't monitor network traffic like that unless designed for it. Also, if it were setup to wake on generic network activity it would never sleep because its happening all the time.


    Search Google for wake-on-voip there seems to be support for this on specific Intel motherboards...
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