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Migrating XP profiles to VISTA

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  • Migrating XP profiles to VISTA

    Hi People,

    We are using roaming profiles in an XP environment with server 2003. We have users that logon to the same pc and users who use multiple pc's. Roaming for us therefore is the way to go.

    We want to upgrade to Vista and thus migrate the profiles on the profile server to Vista profiles. Now I know Vista has .V2 profiles and are incompatible with he XP profiles currently on the profile server.

    To my shock however there are no tools out there to do a simple conversion of all roaming profiles on the profiles server. The user state migration tool only works on a per VISTA computer basis.

    Now I was wondering does anyone have any idea what the best step in this case would be. I am open to anything I just wonder if anyone has an idea here.

    Kind regards,


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    Re: Migrating XP profiles to VISTA

    Nope. As far as I know there's nothing that will "migrate" or "convert" a version 1 profile (xp and 2003) to a version 2 profile (vista and 200. The best you can do is to use folder redirection to redirect folders such as app data, desktop, etc. Note that this does nothing for the users registry hive (ntuser.dat) so any settings stored in the registry (outlook profile info, odbc settings, etc.) will have to be recreated in the version 2 profile.

    I manage a 1200 user TS farm running on 2003 and this is probably the biggest hurdle for me in migrating to 2008.


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      Re: Migrating XP profiles to VISTA

      What abt the USMT on a per XP basis? IF i had local profiles could I use that to migrate from a xp profile to vista? maybe I could script smth

      So far I only see taht windows easy transfer is the only thing taht does it, but it sounds weird that just that will do it


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        Re: Migrating XP profiles to VISTA

        I suggest you take a look at Windows Easy Transfer. It comes as part of Vista (Accessories -> System Tools). And there is an XP version available, free to download.
        Never tried on roaming profiles, please test it by yourself.
        Most impotant: be sure that a user that his profile was transferred to .V2 (Vista) will not attempt to log in from an XP-based computer!
        Let us know how it worked out ...

        Sorin Solomon

        In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.


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          Re: Migrating XP profiles to VISTA

          I personally would remove the roaming profile options, delete the profile on the server, update the profile on the user's computer to a Vista compatible one, then re-enable profile as a roaming profile.