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Is it possible to have some kind of "comment" or "description" for a folder?

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  • Is it possible to have some kind of "comment" or "description" for a folder?

    Hello there

    I have always found useful to have the possibility to comment the content of a folder. For example, we know that on file servers even though the NTFS has no "practical" limit in path depths, the Explorer process will not support paths longer than 255 chars.
    This is a typical Example:
    M:\FileServer\Departments\Information Services\Service Desk\Procedures\client and servers\SMS client rebuild\ etc.

    I would find great something that will allow to comment a folder
    For example I open a folder named \MEETQA09 and see inside all the files and see somewere a comment like "This folder contains PPTs and DOCs from the last Meeting of QA Department"

    I have seen the "comment" column but it seems something "unusable" in a feasible way.
    Any suggestion?

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    Re: Is it possible to have some kind of "comment" or "description" for a folder?

    Originally posted by alleycat7th View Post
    Any suggestion?
    Google. First result tells you exactly what you want.
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      Re: Is it possible to have some kind of "comment" or "description" for a folder?

      Thank you for your help. I already knew that tip
      I didn't explain very well my need, I'm sorry. I was looking for something more static. I mean: when I open the explorer and double click the folder, there are few possibilities: something which stays "under-the-eyes" on the left panel, or something in the columns on the right when you set the "details" view. In such way you open a folder with many subfolders (with short names) and you can see on the columns the usual information plus the comment column

      "size, type, date created, date modified, comment"