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  • Vista Restarting

    I have a couple of new Vista business machines that are restarting by themsleves. The users complain that when they come in the next morning, their machines restarted. Other complaints such as freezing or stalling and such are part of the initial complaint as well. I don't thing it was because of updates, but I am not totally sure on that. Is there a way I can confirm that?

    As I stated, these are new machines from Dell. They are setup the way Dell sets them up with the recovery partition and all the junk they install when they ship their machines out. Although I requested that the configurations be totally different from what they sent. I requested a single partition containing the OS and MS Office 2007 only. According to Dell, all VAR's have to partition the HD. Whatever!

    Intel core 2 duo 2.5GHz
    2GB Ram 800Mhz
    80 Gig Sata HD
    ATI 256MB 2400 XT

    Has anyone else ran into this problem or anything similar?
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    Re: Vista Restarting

    Well, I've had general issues with a mysteriously restarting Vista machine. I can recommend Vista's Reliability and Performance monitor as a great way to track down patterns The reliability monitor tracks things like crashes, etc.. Of course, event log is good too. Are your machines set to auto restart upon a blue screen error? You might want to turn that off so that you can see what the bluescreen error is if that is indeed the issue.
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      Re: Vista Restarting

      You could take a look at the Local Group Policy to see how the Windows Updates settings are set and if your on a domain, Group Policy.

      As for the freezing issues etc, I always reinstall machines when they first come to site. Some manufacturers preinstall so much unwanted software that often causes issues that I find it easier to reinstall or at least remove the erroneus manufacturer software editions.

      Also, double check whether the machine needs defragging. I know they are knew but it depends the process taken to image them and prepare them in the first place.