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windows vista burps..plz help

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  • windows vista burps..plz help

    Heey I am fairly new to windows Vista and I have a question..have u ever heard of the desktop crashing every minute? The icons crash and task bar leaves...its like having mini crashes constantly....

    This has been going on for about 4 days...also whenever u open up a a folder or something it closes it??

    any ideas...oh I checked CPU usage and it spikes from 4% to 96%..

    help fast

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    Re: windows vista burps..plz help

    ok so far I have figured out that explorer.exe crashes every minute...this is getting frustrating as anything I do it closes what i AM DOING...

    PLease help me figure out how to stop this from happening


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      Re: windows vista burps..plz help

      With the details you provided so far (I mean, none), there is no way someone can assist you...
      Answers to provide:
      1) what Vista version are you using? (including SP and 32/64 bit)
      2) is this a clean install or an upgrade? If an upgrade, from what OS?
      3) where did you got the installation media from?
      4) what hardware are you using? Is this a physical machine, or a virtual one?
      5) have you checked the Event log for reasons?

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        Re: windows vista burps..plz help

        Time for a rebuild me thinks.


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          Re: windows vista burps..plz help

          Try safe mode as well. This should restrict a lot of other things running.

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            Re: windows vista burps..plz help

            See what process is causing the CPU to spike in Task monitor. Check the processes running as well and any that sound dubious, do some research to check they are not viruses or spyware.


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              Re: windows vista burps..plz help

              Also, when in Safe Mode, you could try a system restore to a point before this happened.


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                Re: windows vista burps..plz help

                If you haven't done so already, download and install the SP1 for Vista. This has helped with some of the stability issues with Vista since it's onset.

                Aside from this, I would recommend backing up your files, in case you need to perform a reload (if the problem doesn't correct itself)