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Vista DOMAIN Network Drop out Problems

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  • Vista DOMAIN Network Drop out Problems

    Hi Guys, Just a quick note to share the fault and solution I discovered with VISTA Sleep and Domain Network Drop Out problems.

    When Vista goes to sleep and you press the keyboard to wake it up it seems to authenticate with the Domain by using the ACTIVE NIC MAC Address. If you are using Vista and you connect to your domain with Fixed NIC and also Wireless NIC you might encounter the problem where by Vist creates a new network location instead of using the domain location. (Network and Sharing Center -> Customize -> Merge or delete network locations). This new Network Location wount allow you to view your network and or surf the web.

    I Discovered this when I changed the MAC address of my Fixed NIC and all of a sudden this problem started.

    If you have this prob check or change MAC address to the initial mac address you used to connect to the Domain and it should fix the prob.

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    Re: Vista DOMAIN Network Drop out Problems

    Interesting bug. For reference, it's usually best to only have one connection to the network - either wired or wireless, particularly in a domain situation.
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      Re: Vista DOMAIN Network Drop out Problems

      Originally posted by gforceindustries View Post
      it's usually best to only have one connection to the network
      Not only usually. Microsoft highly unrecommends (thus, unsupported) to connect two NICs to the same network (unrelevant if they are fix or wi-fi). The only case in which Microsoft supports two NICs is when the computer acts as a router.
      Besides that, why are you changing the MAC?

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