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Vista Share and winows XP

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  • Vista Share and winows XP

    i have at home Vista Ultimate and XP pro on the same network
    (after i disabled my AV FW , trend) i can ping from both , but when i try to reach a shared folder on the vista it will not reach , the other side its working

    what else should i check ?


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    Re: Vista Share and winows XP

    Define "it will not reach". Error messages?

    Are both machines in the same workgroup? Does the same user account with the same password exist on both machines? Is that the account you're using? Are you prompted for credentials?

    Lots more information needed.
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      Re: Vista Share and winows XP

      Besides the info gforce asked you to post, go to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center (in Vista, of course) and click the link Show me all the shared network folders on this computer. Do you see there the folder you shared? If not, you might have done it wrong.
      If you do, post a screenshot of the Network and Sharing Center (erase names and other data you don't want public).

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        Re: Vista Share and winows XP

        Make sure you have File and Print Sharing enabled on both machines.
        Make sure the folder is shared.
        Set the security on the shared folder and files to allow everyone full access.
        Make sure the workgroup is the same on the XP and the Vista machines.
        Make sure that both firewalls allow file and print sharing. (its worth turning them both off to test them too)
        Create accounts on both machines that you can use to "connect as".

        Also, have a look at this from Microsoft