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Windows Search broken?

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  • Windows Search broken?

    I can search for directories and files I know exist and not find them.
    I have explorer set to show hidden and system files.
    I have indexing enabled on the drive and I double checked to make sure it was on on the folder.

    If I search for "Moz"(illa) from C:, I get 4 results: The start menu folder and 3 shortcuts. Nothing about the install folder in program files or the folders in local and roaming.
    If I go into Program Files, and search for "Moz" I get the install folder and a dll. So it kinda works there.

    However, if I go into AppData in my profile and search for "Moz", I only get one shortcut for the startmenu.

    If I go into Local, where I can see Mozilla and type in "o" I get ZERO results. I can see a dozen files and folders with o in the name and it returns nothing.

    For the Search tab in Folder Options, I have Include system directories checked.

    What good is a search that doesn't find files I know I have and CAN SEE?

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    Re: Windows Search broken?


    I just disabled indexing and I can actually find files now.