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Vista SP1 Boot issue

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  • Vista SP1 Boot issue

    I have a workstation running Vista 32 bit SP1 that after it updates or gets shutdown on the restart it comes up with OS not found. Do a control alt delte and hit F9 to bring up the boot screen. Here it says that it is trying to boot off of the CD not the HD. Once I scroll downt to boot off of the HD it boots just fine. Where do I change where it wants to boot from? This is not a major issue just a headache. Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: Vista SP1 Boot issue

    You need to change the boot order in the BIOS. When you power on your machine, you should see a message similar to "Press <key> to enter Setup". The key you need to press depends on the motherboard, but common keys to try include F1, F2, F10, F12, Ins, Del.

    FYI though, even if the boot order is configured to try the optical drive first, it should continue to boot from the hard drive if no bootable media is found. Consider the possibility that you have a loose cable somewhere, or perhaps a dodgy optical drive.
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