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Missing HDD space in Vista

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  • Missing HDD space in Vista

    I did a new install of Vista 3 days ago and went to make a backup image of it today. The backup program said the image would be about 60GB. I found this very odd as everything I'd installed was on other drives. So I downloaded DriveSpacio and audited my drive. It came up with 16GB of used space. After a bit of thinking, I disabled the System Restore and that did free up about 15 GB, but Windows is still reporting 45GB used. Where the hell would 30GB go? Turns out, I found the answer before I hit submit. However, I'll keep typing this up as it's a very easy oversight. I keep my music on my media server. With this new install, I decided to map my Music folder in my profile to my media server. I then noticed the mobsync icon on my taskbar and it said it was trying to sync the media from my server. Doh, I've got upwards of 50GB in that folder! So I disabled offline storage. You'd figure that disabling offline storage would also empty the local cache, right? Well, you'd be wrong. The locally cached files are stored in Windir/CSC, and no one but SYSTEM can access it. So what is a boy to do? Running "TakeOwn /f c:\windows\csc /r" will give you ownership of the CSC folder. At that point, you can give yourself full permissions to the folder and delete the files there-in. After deleting the cached files, my windows reported the proper size! Now I just hope this helps someone else.

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    Re: Missing HDD space in Vista

    Wow, sorry about the text wall, for some reason my return strokes didn't post. =\


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      Re: Missing HDD space in Vista

      Thanks for a useful post!
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        Re: Missing HDD space in Vista

        Worth pointing out that you should probably reset the permissions on the CSC folder - you never know if you might want to actually use that feature at some point, and Windows will probably be very picky.
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