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How to use "adduser" command in Cygwin?

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  • How to use "adduser" command in Cygwin?

    Hi I've been following this tutorial to setup SSH on Vista.
    I got a lot of permission warnings compared to what this tutorial illustrated but somehow I made it worked despite all those warnings. (At least when I test ssh locally)


    But I don't feel comfortable using my admin account to SSH or SCP from a friends computer when we have our LAN parties and want to exchange files directly.
    Maybe using the MS Network is easier but I haven't learnt howto do that yet. Been using Linux for so long I no longer remember howto use Windows in particular Vista

    Anyhow my main question is: How do I enable the Unix/Linux command "adduser" or "useradd" on Cygwin? So that I don't have to SCP using my admin account.

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    Re: How to use "adduser" command in Cygwin?

    From memory, Cygwin uses the Windows user accounts - it doesn't maintain its own set of user accounts. Have a read of - one of the replies gives you the command lines required to add a Windows user.
    Originally posted by Etienne Mbuyi
    >$ net user AyamJ password /add /yes
    >$ net localgroup <an_local_group> AyamJ /add
    >$ mkpassd -l -u AyamJ >> /etc/passwd
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