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Can I install Vista in my PC with xp installed?

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  • Can I install Vista in my PC with xp installed?

    I am working as a technical support executive for Brigade Inc.( Fresher )

    We support HP notebooks shipped with Vista and xp.

    So I would like to install Vista in my PC so that I will be familiar with vista .

    But I would like to have both vista and xp.

    I would like to know what I have to consider before installing vista.( Tips and Tricks )

    My system details :

    OS : xp sp2

    Processor : Intel Dual core 1.6 GHz

    RAM : 1Gb

    Hard Disk : 160 Gb SATA

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    Re: Can I install Vista in my PC with xp installed?

    I think that you need more memory if nothing else. At least another gig, another 2 would be preferable. I also think that your CPU will let you down with regards to performance.

    If you're asking if it's possible to dual-boot XP and Vista, then yes it is

    You'll need to create a partition on your hard drive to install Vista.

    Daniel has a number of articles on the site about tweaking Vista to improve performance.
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      Re: Can I install Vista in my PC with xp installed?

      Which edition of Vista are you considering installing? Vista Business will give you a different experience than Vista Ultimate on those hardware specs. I've heard of very favorable experiences with Vista Business on a P4 with (I think) 1GB or RAM, so I think you should be fine.

      Are you thinking about dual booting or using a virtual machine? Of course, if you use a VM then you'll certainly need at least another GB of RAM, preferably two. You may want to read up on the subject of dual booting the two. Specifically, I think dual booting with XP installed first is a bit of a headache. Here's a tutorial on dual booting the two with XP installed first.
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        Re: Can I install Vista in my PC with xp installed?

        I'd get as much ram as ur system can handle and go with vmware. That way u can run both os's at once and work on them both at the same time.
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          Re: Can I install Vista in my PC with xp installed?

          Reported for move to Vista forum as this has nothing to do with Server OS
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