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Some settings are managed by your system administrator

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  • Some settings are managed by your system administrator

    Vista Home Premium sp1 (out of the box) with all maintenance applied, in a home network with an XP Pro sp3 machine.

    I have what may turn out to be two problems.

    On the Vista machine running IE7, the window size, when doing right click "Open in a new Window", needed to be adjusted. I did the adjustment and then held down "shift" and closed all IE windows. The change did not stick. So I tried it holding the Ctrl key and when that did not work I tried holding the Alt key. It did not work and that was the end of my tricks.

    In IE7, Menu > Tools > Internet Options on the General tab, I see the info message "Some settings are managed by your system administrator". See the attachment.

    I thought this may have some influence on things so I chased it through Vista's Help and Support and the indications are that someone has been adjusting Group Policy.

    The main problem there is I am the sole user of the machines and I did not knowingly do it. My systems are behind a modem firewall and Zone Alarm free. I ran a virus check (Avira free) and Adaware 2008 free and no baddies found.

    I tried to run the Group Policy editor gpedit.msc and it is not known. I looked for it in C:\windows\system32 and it's not there.

    The questions:
    Should I have the Group Policy editor?
    Is it likely that the adminstrator managed settings are blocking my attempted changes to IE7?
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    Re: Some settings are managed by your system administrator

    Open IE7.
    Drag the corners of the window to the edge of the screen
    Open second version of IE7 (or you could try a Tab)
    Do the same proceedure
    Now the IMPORTANT part, close the first window. Then close the second window.

    Click on IE7. Windows should now be ful screen size. Repeat these steps whenever the screen size shrinks. I am sure this is a hack of some sort available but I haven't found one to be as reliable as the above steps which I discovered by accident.

    Just noticed that I have misunderstood the question (member may have posted in Strine and not NZild - Downunder joke) however let me know how the above steps worked.

    Are you logged on as THE Administrator or with an Admin account?
    Did you add yourself to the Administrators group?
    Just so we know for sure, the machine is not part of a Domain and is a stand alone unit.
    Have you disabled the UAC function?
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      Re: Some settings are managed by your system administrator

      Originally posted by BobD View Post
      My systems are behind a modem firewall and Zone Alarm free.
      Is Zone Alarm the "modern firewall" you are referring to, or does this refer to another firewall solution? If so, is this another software firewall running on the machine or a hardware firewall such as a router?
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