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Some problem in Vista

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  • Some problem in Vista


    Sometime yesterday, I was away from my computer.

    I came back to find that both Windows Live Messenger and Visual Studio 2008 had both crashed and had that "not responding even though I know you want to wait and see if it does, HAHAHAHAHAHAH f*** you I'm closing it anyway" error.

    Subsequently, each time I managed to login with Messenger, it immediately repeated this error.

    I restarted the computer and messenger works fine now. However, there is a problem with Visual Studio still, each time I try to open a project or change my settings, the application cuts out as if terminated by Task Manager. No warning whatsoever. The problem is present in all the express edition versions of VS.

    I attempted to see what error occurred in the Event Viewer - and this is the best part! - it crashed when I tried to view the error each time.

    What's wrong with my computer?
    What can I do to solve this problem?

    The dialogue-crashings happened in Macromedia Dreamweaver for a while too but have not done so for a while.

    System Specs:
    I am running Vista Home Premium.
    One of those duo-core processors.
    2048Mb RAM
    227Gb Hard drive

    Also have external Hard drive (500Gb) attached.

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    Re: Some problem in Vista

    Try repairing the install and reapplying the service pack.

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      Re: Some problem in Vista

      Hmm, tried reinstalling it and it's still doing it :/

      What could it be?... Can't find anything on google about weird program termination.


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        Re: Some problem in Vista

        I formatted my computer.. seems to have done the trick.

        Weird thing is the format + restore took 10 mins and I spent about 6 hours backing up my files


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          Re: Some problem in Vista

          I am glad your problem is solved.. Usually, format + reinstall solves any problem (except hardware ones).
          What I found odd is those 6 hours to back up your files ... Why is that ?!?
          What I would do with such a big HD is create a system partition, of 50GB, for Windows installation and all the rest for files and data... Move there all the personal files and such... This way, when you have to reinstall, there is almost anything to back up...

          Sorin Solomon

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