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Vista sysprep - running on system already activated

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  • Vista sysprep - running on system already activated

    I created an image of my Vista system, for cloning to identical hardware machines, with a range of standard client applications installed.

    I did not realise that I needed to run sysprep before the image was cloned onto other machines. FOur such machines are now in use and exhibiting netwrok issues, which I suspect may be due to having identical SIDs.

    So I tried running sysprep on one of these, after it had been activated, joined a domain and had user profile set up.

    After reboot I get a dialog box indicating the installation has failed and telling me to restart the installation.

    Can anyone tell me if it is valid to run sysprep after Vista has been activated and suggest how I might recover this machine. There are no system restore points set and I don't want to have to create the user profiles again.

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    Re: Vista sysprep - running on system already activated

    Quotes from Microsoft's How Sysprep Works:
    You cannot make an image of an activated Windows installation and duplicate that image to another computer. If you do, Windows fails to recognize the activation and forces the end user to reactivate the installation manually.
    If you anticipate running Sysprep multiple times on a single computer, you must use the SkipRearm setting in the Microsoft-Windows-Security-Licensing-SLC component to postpone resetting the activation clock. Because you can reset the activation clock only three times, if you run Sysprep multiple times on a computer, you might run out of activation clock resets. Microsoft recommends that you use the SkipRearm setting if you plan on running Sysprep multiple times on a computer.
    I would run sysprep /generalize and see.

    Sorin Solomon

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