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Need drivers for Vista

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  • Need drivers for Vista

    Hi Friend,

    I have purchased new laptop, which having windows Vista os.
    Now i want to install BSNL Dlink router (adsl2+ router GLB502T3 to access internet but as i do not have its drivers for windows Vista os, I am unable to use it.

    So please if you get the same please give me the URL so i can download it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Need drivers for Vista

    What do you need a driver for a router for? It's a network device not a computer device. You connect your computer to the router, not the other way around. BSNL is an India ISP so what do they have to do with it? Any ISP will be virtually the same. I'm assuming it's ADSL service, correct?


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      Re: Need drivers for Vista

      Thanks for your reply.

      It is a device using which we can connect to internet.

      For e.g take a look at,433


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        Re: Need drivers for Vista

        While this device has a USB connection, their website does not have drivers for this device and states it is Vista ready, which implies that it should work just fine w/o any additional software.

        I would talk to your ISP (BSNL I'm guessing) and ask them for driver help, or talk to DLink support.

        Or... you could connect it to your computer's network port with a network cable.
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          Re: Need drivers for Vista

          It's got a USB port for computers that don't have network cards, but what new laptop with Vista doesn't have a network card? I'm assuming your laptop does, if so then conect it to the 10/100 Ethernet port on the router. If not, then buy a network card for the laptop and use that.


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            Re: Need drivers for Vista

            Do you mean you are getting an error message when you try to connect to the Internet? If your PC is already connected to the router you will need to either run the software that came when you setup the connection with your ISP, or, if you know your username and password for Internet access these will need to be entered so the router can connect.

            You can often do this by connecting to the router's home page ( or or etc) The homepage should have the Tel. No, username and password fields and a connect button or something similar/similar layout.

            A friend of mine had the same problem with a new Vista PC and this solved it.
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