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Vista 64 Web browsing Slowness

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  • Vista 64 Web browsing Slowness

    I've installed Vista 64 Bit Ultimate with SP1, and not too long since, I've been having problems surfing the web.
    It seems that when I boot my computer, I'm able to surf for a while normally, but after a few minutes, it slows down to a grind. It doesnt completely stops - only goes very very slow.
    I am running Bittorrent on the background which seems to keep running, but my outlook is also affected by this weird issue.
    I disabled UAC and IPv6 with no apparent change.
    My rig is Q6700 with 4Gigs of ram and a x48 gigabyte motherboard.
    Any ideas?

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    Re: Vista 64 Web browsing Slowness

    The whole machine slows down or just web browsing?

    Did you see this?

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      Re: Vista 64 Web browsing Slowness

      The machine does not slow down.. Only the surfing, mail, and sometimes there are also issues with instant messaging (disconnections).
      The BT keeps running. but the rate of transfer is not high, so it makes no sense that it will hog the bandwidth to a point that other network operations won't work.
      another strange thing: I logged into (which allows for remote administration). it took a long time to get in there, but once I managed to log into another computer, everything went normaly, and it did not disconnect. at the same time, other tabs or windows of web browsers would not lead anywhere.

      any ideas?



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        Re: Vista 64 Web browsing Slowness

        I have exactly the same problem.
        My desktop is connected to a modem through a router. This PC is running XP Pro and has a Pentium 4, 3Ggz.
        To the router are connected two laptops (wireless) one using XP pro and the second Vista Premium.
        I am also running BT on the desktop and have the same problem as you
        described above. I have from time to time, to disconnect (the current) from the modem and reconnect it to be able to have the internet connection (kind of express reset). The PC runs very very slowly.
        When the internet went to a stop, BT keeps running.
        On the other side the effect on the two laptops is almost insignificant. They are running un-disconnected.
        It seems IMO, that this problem occured when I updated BT to v1.02 two weeks ago.


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          Re: Vista 64 Web browsing Slowness

          Tried turning OFF BT?
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            Re: Vista 64 Web browsing Slowness

            BT and other P2P protocols are known for this. They don't hog the BANDWIDTH, they just hog the processing time of the NIC as far as I can tell. Either way, turning it off is likely to correct your issue. My tip? Leave your PC on overnight and do your BT stuff then...

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              Re: Vista 64 Web browsing Slowness

              I found the solution thanks to some of your replies
              So, here it is: there seems to be a recurrence of the no. of connections issue that plagued winxp - in vista. only, in winxp it mostly influenced BT and not the web surfing. (maybe it's a "feature" of vista?)

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