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Speeding Up Thumbnail Cache

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  • Speeding Up Thumbnail Cache

    I recently cleared the thumbnail cache using windows cleanup tool, but some folders are still taking a long time rebuild. The video ones are especially painful and don't even finish creating thumnails, and sometimes the picture folders don't either.
    Is there a way to speed up this process or make it more reliable?

    I have a AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 4000 2.1 ghz, 3 gigs RAM and two 250gig sataII hard drives, no video card yet. I heard something about going into the hard drive's properties through device manager and allowing it advanced performance.
    Is that reliable?

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    Re: Speeding Up Thumbnail Cache

    if you remove thumbnail cache all thumbs.db files will be recreated if you enter the folder
    video files recreation is slower than pictures because video size codec ...

    you can not make it faster your computer is very fast but

    I have a trick for only creating for pictures not video files if you dont need video thumbnails

    goto regedit

    first backup this key by using right click export to reg

    then remove this key (if you need it restore from backup)

    now use disk cleanup and remove old thumbnail caches from now if you enter a video folder thumbnails will not be created
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